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This is to inform our Bhutanese community in Perth and well-wishers that the day-long annual holy commemoration of Zhabdrung Kuchoe (Death Anniversary of Zhabdrung Rinpoche) in Perth, Western Australia on the 11th of May 2022, corresponding to the 10th day of the 3rd Bhutanese month has successfully concluded.
This year’s Zhabdrung Kuchoe coincided with the 400 years of Zhung Dratshang establishment and was presided over by Khenchen Sonam Dhendup, The Chief Abbot of Chari Monastery, Thimphu from Zhung Dratshang. The program included recitation of Jigten Wangchuk prayer by about 100 participants, Tshogkor offering and Zhabdrung Dahnangmai Throm-Wang for the well-being of all sentient beings and for World Peace.
The unique and important Bhutanese cultural and traditional display of offering meals in the “Phob-Tora” to the recitation participants has been continued. The auspicious holy event was attended by more than 300 Bhutanese community members and other international friends and supporters.
Khenchen from Zhung Dratshang appreciated and acknowledged the proposal of Lhakhang project in Perth and has emphasised on the importance of community support from all individuals and groups for the common benefit of our community.
An announcement for the formation of a Steering Committee for Khamsum Zilnon Drukpai Lhakhang (KZDL) project has been made. A Khadar offering ceremony for the new KZDL Management team and certificate award for the previous KZDL Management team took place on the auspicious day.
As announced earlier, the fund raised from the event will go towards the Khamsum Zilnon Bhutanese Temple Project in Perth. A summary of the financial statement is attached for your information.
Khenpo, the Management team and the event coordination team would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Bhutanese community and all our well-wishers for the participation and support of contributions, offerings and attending the event. We would like to thank and acknowledge everyone and in particular the following concerns:
1. Choe Dang Lamsol team for venue preparation and setup.
2. Dragon Chef for transportation Ute
3. CleanLife Australia for transportation van
4. Innaloo Super Store for sponsoring water
5. Drol Chog group for cultural programs
6. Ugyen Tenzin for photo and videography
7. Richen Wangmo, Tshering Pama, Chimi Yangchen Tshogmo, Ninda Wangmo, Sangay Choden for Tshog preparations & selling.
8. All participants and reciters of Jigten Wangchuk.
9. All individuals and families for the support and fund contribution.
The Zhabdrung Kuchoe, Perth 2022 has received a total contribution of AUD $16,327.00 only and after deducting the total expenditure of AUD $9,447.45 only incurred for the program, the net fund balance of AUD $6,879.55 only has been raised as detailed in the attachment.
Pursuant to previous announcements, the following significant holy events will be observed annually led by Khenpo from Zhung Dratshang for the benefit and well-being of the Bhutanese community and other devotees. The funds raised from all these events will go towards the Khamsum Zilnon Bhutanese Temple Project.
1. Dhuechen Nga-Zom – Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana
2. Trelda Tsechu – Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche
3. Drukpa Tsezhi – First Sermon of Lord Buddha
4. Lha-bab Duechen – The Descending Day of Lord Buddha.
The upcoming Duechen Nga-Zom – Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana, which falls on the 15th Day of the 4th Bhutanese month corresponding to Monday, 14 June 2022 will be presided over by Khenchen Sonam Dhendup from Zhung Dratshang. A program to observe one pair of Nyungney will be organised starting from Saturday, 12 June and conclude on 14 June 2022 with a Tshog-Kor offering.
We look forward to continued support and participation from all members of the Bhutanese community and others in Perth.
Management and Event Coordination Team
Khamsum Zilnon Drukpai Lhakhang Inc. (KZDL)

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