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His Eminence Laytshog Lopen, Ven. Sangay Dorji graced the commemoration of Zhabdrung Kuchoe in Perth, Western Australia, attended by over 2000 Bhutanese community members and others on Sunday, 30 April 2023.
The commemoration of Zhabdrung Kuchoe is an annual major event organised by the Khamsum Zilnon Drukpai Lhakhang (KZDL) Inc. in Perth supported by Bhutanese community. The hundreds of Bhutanese community members and other well-wishers join to recite “Jigten Wangchuk Soldep”, make offerings and receive blessings. Its primary objective is to pay homage to Zhabdrung Rinpoche while promoting Bhutanese culture and tradition in the multicultural society of Australia.
His Eminence Laytshog Lopen, the Patron of KZDL presided over this year’s Zhabdrung Kuchoe with the recitation of ” Jigten Wangchuk Soldep”, bestowed Kawang’ and offered ‘Lung’ to the attendees. Further, Lopen Rinpoche emphasised the importance of dharma practice, supporting one another while living in foreign country, and promoting Bhutanese culture and tradition. His Eminence highlighted the initiatives and support the Zhung Dratshang and Royal Government of Bhutan is facilitating to Bhutanese living outside Bhutan.
Lopen Rinpoche donated AUD18,200.00 back to the community through KZDL, which is the entire amount offered to Rinpoche during the event by devotees. The fund is donated with prayers and full support to materialise the construction of Bhutanese Lhakhang in Perth for the benefit of every Bhutanese and well-wishers.
The KZDL, on behalf of Bhutanese community in Perth would like to express our deepest gratitude to Lopen Rinpoche for his selfless generosity and support for the community. This substantial amount will make a huge difference in providing dharma services and promoting our culture and tradition

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