Khenchen Sonam Dhendup

The Khamsum Zilnon Drukpai Lhakhang (KZDL) is pleased to welcome Khenchen Sonam Dhendup, the Abbot of Chari Monastery, Thimphu from Zhung Dratshang to Perth today. The KZDL team led by Khenpo Tshering Wangchuk and other devotees received the Khenchen at the Perth International Airport. Khenchen is in Australia to preside over this year’s important Zhabdrung Rinpoche’s Kuchoe commemorations in Perth and Canberra; and provide Dharma services to the Bhutanese community members.
Khenchen will be residing at the KZDL Centre in Balga and will preside over the upcoming Zhaddrung Kuchoe on Wednesday, 11 May 2022 at the Sicilian Association of WA. The day’s program includes recitation of Jigten Wangchuk, Zhabdrung Dhanamai Throm Wang and Dharma teaching by the Khenchen. Following the event Khenchen and Khenp Tshering Wangchuk will travel to Canberra to preside over Zhabdrung Kuchoe on the weekend.
Khenchen and Khenpo will be back to Perth after a week-long visit to Canberra and will provide the KZDL’s regular community services and will be available to provide teaching and blessings for the interested individuals and groups.
Please contact the KZDL Management team for further details and information.
The Management
The Khamsum Zilnon Drukpai Lhakhang Inc.

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